Alcohol and Substances Abuse

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Alcohol and Substances Abuse

Alcohol is the most common substance that is being used in our country (most of the world also), and people do not stop there to get some kick they mix other materials too. Alcohol is one of the most reactive substances and substance abuse with it can lead to serious physical, behavioural and mental complications.
A Person who is an alcoholic is most likely to mix drugs with it that can be prescribed or illicit drug. In the early stage, that person might mix drugs in small amount, but slowly their body starts depending on those chemicals. When the person gets entirely dependent on those substances, then it becomes tough to leave and will show severe withdrawal symptoms.

One should not try to treat oneself; this could be dangerous. That person should take the help of the professionals as they can give you the proper procedure for the addictions without causing the side effects to them physically or mentally.
Recognizing that you have a problem or addiction to alcohol and substance abuse is quite tricky, but when you do, then he\she should get the treatment as soon as possible.

Recognizing the problem

Recognizing the problem of alcohol and substances abuse in the early stage may be difficult, but in some, it can be realized quite soon. The person might deny in the first stage that he\she has a problem then it is upto his\her friends and family member to make them recognize for that intervention could be done.
Some symptoms can make that person realize that he\she have a problem of alcohol and substances abuse:
• Getting thought of reducing the intake of alcohol and other substance.
• Getting criticized by the friend, member of the family.
• Getting cravings for alcohol and drugs throughout the day.
• Failed to get obligation done because of alcohol and drug abuse.
If any of these things happen to you, then it is time for that person to get the treatment.
The Common combination and their side effect


There are different types of medicines, and each reacts with alcohol differently. That person should consult with the physician as there is a significant risk of damaging the metabolism of the liver. Some of the common problems faced after alcohol and substance abuse are dizziness, vomiting, tiredness, increased heart rate.


Most of people do mix alcohol and antidepressants, which could be a dangerous combination. As alcohol can negate the impact of the antidepressant, leaving that person with rough treatment. Unexpected mood swings can also be expected from that person

Energy drinks\caffeine

These drinks provide a boost for some time to the person’s body making him\her that they can drink even more, but in reality, this boost could lead to a dangerous level of alcohol consumption which could damage the body severely.


It suppresses the working of the body which could make the body through up, therefore causing the alcohol poisoning. Other side effects can be dizziness, paranoia, decreased functioning.


Ecstasy can put the tremendous strain on the kidneys. Combination of alcohol and joy can also cause dehydration. Most of the ecstasy-related deaths are because of the mixing of alcohol and ecstasy.


The most dangerous combination can of meth and alcohol. As the combination causes extreme pressure on the heart, which leads to an increase in the blood pressure. That person would react extremely aggressively and irresponsibly. This could also lead to kidney damage and going to have a worse hangover.

Treatment of alcohol and substance abuse

Treatment of the person who is addicted to both alcohol and substance abuse is quite tricky. Even while doing the detox of that person is quite complicated and dangerous as the wrong treatment could lead to the death of that person. So for the procedure, he\she should take help from the rehabilitation centre.
After the initial treatment, also that person should always remain in touch with the physician as there are high chances of relapse. He\She could also join the support group if that person found it challenging to cope with the new conditions.

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