Alcohol Addiction Recovery

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Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Recovery is nothing but the journey of personal discovery, learning about yourself. Mental Recovery is a unique experience which is possible for everyone and opens the gate of new experiences, realisations. The most important thing to understand recovery is the belief that this path of recovery will lead to a productive and fulfilling life.


Recovery has two different meanings in mental health. One is Clinical Recovery which means your body does not show any harmful symptoms anymore. And the other one is Personal Recovery which means the recovery of mind.


Relapsing in your early stages of recovery is a very common factor. In some cases, you may have to go back to the rehab. But that does not mean you or your process failed for coming back to normal life. However, the need of going back to the rehabilitation center depends on the case whether you have a slip or fully relapse. There is a difference. A Slip means a person has taken the substances for a day or a short period of time and immediately realizes the harm that can happen and stop using before sliding back to addiction. On the other hand, Relapse is a much more serious condition. The person who had tried so hard to overcome the cravings of drugs or alcohol breaks down and return to the life of addiction.


If you have slipped for a moment you can always go back on the right track by discussing everything with your counselor.


However, if you have relapsed then you should immediately quit the drugs or alcohol and motivate yourself to get back on the right track.


Didn’t The Rehab Work The First Time?


Relapse does not mean the treatment program didn’t work the first time. It simply means the program needs some adjustment. It’s common reflection of the early phase of addiction recovery. Reason being boredom, tiredness, emotional breakdowns. Addiction is a lifelong illness and the only way to be cured is to lead a routined life. When you are relapsing more likely your addiction is going to be more harmful than ever. Therefore it should be taken more seriously. Noone likes the idea of getting into rehab again, but it can save your life.


Look After Yourself


The more you care about yourself, love yourself the more you’ll get closer to change yourself for good. Start with small things like eating healthy food, sleeping at proper time, exercising regularly, doing meditations whenever you feel stressed. Then only you can make a big difference in your life.


It’s about identifying and dealing with whatever difficulty is coming your way of getting emotionally wellbeing. Going back to the rehab does not mean you have failed or you are a loser. It simply means you need some changes and what matters most is that you realized the dangers and you’re courageous enough to bring a positive change into your life. Recovery is all about bringing change into your life, and change isn’t an easy thing. But recovery brings hope into your life; inspiration and empowerment for those who almost forgot what those actually mean.


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