Alcohol Addiction Interventionist and Drug Abuse -The Rehab Treatment

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Alcohol Addiction Interventionist and Drug Abuse -The Rehab Treatment

What is acamprosate?

Acamprosate is one of the most common medications used for the treatment of alcohol addiction. However, just using this drug without any psychological help is not effective. Therefore, it is necessary to have a strong will of quitting alcohol when taking acamprosate. It is also helpful for those who are having problems related to their liver. This is because the breakdown of this drug does not involve the liver and is done by the digestive tracts.

It helps in the reduction of alcohol consumption but should be used under the guidance of the doctors. This is because of the side effects of this drug like an allergic reaction, abnormality in blood pressure. Also, the individuals with problems related to the kidney should not take this acamprosate.


Some side effects of acamprosate

High dosage of acamprosate can cause severe health problems like depression, kidney damage, and various mental disorders. Therefore, it should be only used when prescribed by doctors.

Abnormal heart rate

Acamprosate can affect your circulatory system when is consumed in heavy dosage. It affects the blood circulation which ultimately results in the abnormality in the heart rate.

Vision problems

You may also suffer from vision problems due to the instability of the brain cells. This results in the weakening of eye muscles causing vision problems.


Acamprosate, when consumed in heavy dosage, can cause allergic reactions. This results in itching sensation on various body parts.


This drug affects the brain cells which is required for getting over the addiction to alcohol. However, if its dependency increases, this may cause several mental problems like depression. You may even suffer from suicidal behavior causing great risk to your life.

Loss of appetite

Due to the breakdown of this drug from the digestive tracts, it can cause irregularity in your appetite. However, this happens in the case of overconsumption of this drug.


Benefits of Acamprosate

There are several benefits of acamprosate which makes it popular in the medication sector. However, you should not take it in the case of pregnancy or if suffering from any kidney problem. You should consume it in a proper schedule. The consumption of this drug depends on the level of one’s alcohol addiction. The drug is generally prescribed for one year but can be left if the individual gets over his addiction before this period.

Advantageous to those with a liver problem

Due to its breakdown through the digestive tracts, it is beneficial for those suffering from liver issues. This also increases its effectiveness over other of its competitors.

Less severe side effects

On comparison with other medications, acamprosate contains less severe side effects. These effects can be cured if handled with care.

Highly effective in reducing alcohol addiction

This is one of the major benefits of acamprosate. It is excellent in the reduction of alcohol consumption. Your dependency on alcohol will also decrease. Since this drug makes the brain cells normal even when the body is not consuming alcohol. The abnormality in brain cells is one of the major withdrawal symptoms which can even be fatal sometimes.



There are many ways for the treatment of alcohol addiction. Out of these, using acamprosate is among the most beneficial ones. However, you should also have a strong will for getting over this addiction. this is because of the null effect of acamprosate in the case of zero psychological support.

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