Adderall Drugs Abuse & Addiction Side Effects - The Rehab Treatment

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Adderall Drugs Abuse & Addiction Side Effects - The Rehab Treatment

Adderall is a stimulant similar to the effects of cocaine. The intake of the Adderall starts by taking the drug to improve the work on a hectic day or to feel energetic. This starting usually ends up as an addiction. People who are using the unprescribed doses of the drug can be considered as the addict.
Adderall works by improving the level of the dopamine rapidly in the brain. Dopamine is naturally produced in our body by the brain. But when you keep on taking these stimulants, you get dependent on it making you an addict

Without Adderall, the addicted person feels the tiredness and mental fogginess. These can be considered as the withdrawal symptoms of the Adderall.
Some of the common sign Adderall addiction includes:
• Needing larger doses
• Taking despite knowing the harm
• Not able to finish the work without it
• Spending a lot of money on stimulants
• Unable to feel alert
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Effects and Abuse

There is a misconception regarding the addiction towards the Adderall. People think that it is not as addictive as it is a prescription drug but this not the case. Continuous use of it can make you an addict. People usually abuse the stimulant to produce the feeling of confidence, euphoria, increased confidence, and suppressed appetite. People who are taking the pill for a long time then prescribe she is also abusing it.
Adderall is abused for reasons like:
• Weight loss
• Athletic performance
• Study
• To get high
• Staying awake
Abuse of the Adderall can be hazardous as it can cause fatal overdose also.


The abusers of the Adderall are mainly youth ranging approximately 23 years in age. Some of them classified as:
• Students and professionals
Adderall gives a boost in the energy and help in staying focus to work than usual. The students and professionals who are facing the ever-increasing demand at schools and work are making them use Adderall. College students, in particular, are abusing it.
• Athletes
While practice the athletes faces the problem of fatigue as well as they need to enhance their performance. To do this, some of them goes for the shortcut and start abusing the Adderall.
• People with an eating disorder

Most of the people in America are suffering from the eating disorder and obesity. To control it, they are abusing Adderall as it suppresses appetite.
Some signs of the Adderall overdose may include:
• Chest pain
• Fever
• Fainting
• Fast breathing
• Nausea or vomiting
• Uncontrollable shaking

Adderall and other drugs

People usually mix Adderall with other medicines to get the enhanced effect. Some may mix it to relax if it is preventing from sleeping. There is no genuine reason to mix the Adderall with other drugs. Some of the common drugs that are combined with the Adderall are:
• Alcohol
• Marijuana
• Cocaine
Two-third of the Americans in 2009, who are admitted due to the Adderall drug abuse had other drugs in their system.

People who are mixing alcohol can suffer from alcohol poisoning. As this can mask the effect of the drink, and you can consume a large amount of alcohol without realizing it.

Getting life back
The longer you use the Adderall, the harder it becomes to get your life back from the addiction. If a person is abusing the Adderall, then he or she might become a slave to it. If you or your known one is suffering from this problem, then you should get the treatment as quickly as possible from the Adderall rehab center. There is also an option of outpatient rehab or therapy for you.
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