10 steps to take after an Alcoholic or Addict refuses treatment

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10 steps to take after an Alcoholic or Addict refuses treatment

It is difficult to make them believe that they are sick or suffering from an addiction. A big wakeup call is required to get through the addiction.

If you found your loved one to be addicted to something and is not accepting it then you can so the following steps to make them realize the severe condition of addiction:

10. Admit it to Yourself

Even if they are in denial mode and, not accepting the problem. You have to accept the problem that your loved one is addicted or an alcoholic and you have to do something for him or her.

You have to accept that the problem has gone far too long. It may seem difficult for both the parties but it is good for addict only.

9. Educate yourself

This is the next step where you have to understand the condition of the addict. You have to try to understand the mental state of the addict. When you have understood the condition of the addict you can prepare yourself with the proper tools like what and how to talk if he agrees with what kind of treatment is required and so on.

8. Decipher the Situation

Addiction has different phases. It might be difficult for you to find out at what condition your loved one is going through. If you are able to find out the condition then you will be able to find out if you will be able to talk one-on-one with them or not.

7. Start with the Medical Approach

When a person gets addicted to something their clarity withers away. You can contact the doctor and ask for the help. The conversation will definitely come under the doctor-patient confidentiality. They will also recommend you the course that you can help your loved one get.

6. Stop funding

An addiction strikes the budget very badly. The addict will need money for the drugs or alcohol as they will run out of it eventually. At this point, they will ask from you for the money. You can stop that money which is being used for the drugs or alcohol by simply denying it.

Even after the denial, the addict keeps on asking for the money then give them the reason why you cannot give the money by simply telling the truth.

5. Offer Support

Offering support to an addict is also important and the step which is not required to be mentioned. You should not bring the topic directly to the addict as it can cause a problem.

But when you offer help an addict starts to get open about your addiction and at some time he or she might get ready to get the treatment.

4. When All Fails, Don’t Use Guilt

When all your attempts to make the addict accept the problem fails you should never try to make them feel guilty. This can make the condition go nowhere or might even backfire and addict may do something that you will regret for the rest of your life.

3. Positively Encourage Them

We know that the addiction to anything can bring the person to the downfall. They need continuous encouragement to do things so that they can feel better and might even accept the treatment.

2. Analyze Where You Are

After all the try or attempts to make the addict to accept the problem and fight it fails, then you have to analyze the situation very carefully. At this point, you have to find out if there is any improvement or not. By doing all this you will be able to judge your performance and decide what the next step is to be taken.

1. Intervention

When you find that all your efforts are failing and not able to decide what to do next so that the addict will understand and decide to get the treatment. At this stage, you have to do an intervention with the help of an interventionist and inner circle of friends and family. In this way, the addict will accept the problem and will get the treatment.

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